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Hardware-Efficient Autonomous Quantum Error Correction (PDF)
Shantanu Mundhada (2020)

Stablization of Bosonic Codes in Superconducting Circuits (PDF)
Steven Touzard (2019)

Nonequilibrium Quasiparticles in Superconducting Qubits (PDF)
Kyle Serniak (2019)

Design of Protected Superconducting Qubits (PDF)
Clarke Smith (2019)

Catching and Reversing a Quantum Jump Mid-Flight (PDF)
Zlatko Minev (2018)

Flying Qubit Operations in Superconducting Circuits (PDF)
Anirudh Narla (2017)

Engineering Synthetic Quantum Operations (PDF)
Uri Vool (2017)

Quantum Feedback Control of Multiple Superconducting Qubits (PDF)
Yehan Liu (2016)

Concurrent Remote Entanglement with Continuous Variables (PDF)
Ananda Roy (2016)

Improving the Quality of Heisenberg Back-Action of Qubit Measurements made with Parametric Amplifiers (PDF)
Katrina Sliwa (2016)

A Practical Quantum-Limited Parametric Amplifier Based on the Josephson Ring Modulator (PDF)
Flavius Schackert (2013)

Improving Coherence of Superconducting Qubits and Resonators (PDF)
Kurtis L. Geerlings (2013)

Nonreciprocity in active Josephson junction circuits (PDF)
Archana Kamal (2013)

Reducing the Losses of the Fluxonium Artificial Atom (PDF)
Nicholas A. Masluk (2012)

Superinductance (PDF)
Vladimir E. Manucharyan (2012)

Quantum Gates for Superconducting Qubits. (PDF)
Chad T. Rigetti (2009)

Josephson Bifurcation Amplifier: Amplifying quantum signals using a dynamical bifurcation. (PDF)
Rajamani Vijayaraghavan (2008)

A new microwave readout for superconducting qubits. (PDF)
Michael Metcalfe (2008)

Quantum circuits

This device consists of a small Josephson junction connected to a microwave antenna in the middle of a 3D cavity resonator. The 3D Transmon is an artificial atom behaving as a slightly anharmonic oscillator. Its long coherence time and simple fabrication makes it a popular superconducting qubit.